Football Weekend in Review

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Yes, yes, the Colts are 11-0. It is amazing, but the undefeated talk is premature - and I think they'd be the first to agree. Of their five remaining opponents, three are solid teams playing for playoff positioning, and they aren't about to let the coronation parade run over their aspirations. I believe Indianapolis is capable of beating anyone in the NFL right now when they are playing their "A" game. Only Indy can screw this up for Indy.
-- B --

Yes, yes, a USC vs. Texas championship game appears inevitable. Those who say the USC v. UCLA game will be close probably have a vested interest in you watching that game. Pittsburgh v. Indianapolis was supposed to be close as well. USC will handle the Bruins. And, Texas will handle Colorado representing the juggernaut that is the Big XII North.

At this point I really don't have a quarrel with USC and Texas. There isn't one other team that has made a convincing case for consideration. Sure the Trojans and 'Horns have played weak schedules. The difference between these two and those who we'll be hearing cry over the next month or so is that Texas and USC defeated the opponents they should have beaten. Look at the one and two loss teams. Each of them has a loss in a game they should have won.
-- B --

Of course now it appears that everything has been tied up in a nice, neat bundle for the BCS. Two clear contenders in the Orange Bowl. Notre Dame and the big payday that they represent in the Fiesta. You'll have a couple of disgruntled teams, but you have that every year.

Just think what a mess it would make of things were Colorado to beat Texas in the Big XII Championship, or if UCLA were to beat USC and take the Pac 10 crown, or both!? Suddenly you've got one or two teams that you hadn't expected in the BCS automatically, and one or two teams, Texas and/or USC among those vying for one of the two at large spots. And you no longer have a clear #1 and #2.

So this week I'm a Colorado and UCLA fan.
-- B --

Yes, yes, the firing of Steve Mariucci is ... laughable? irritating? silly? Everyone's probably got a different word for it. My thought ... it shouldn't have happened. I am not a big fan of mid-season firings unless there is a very specific purpose behing the timing, such as when a college coach is fired so as not to blow the whole recruiting season. For the Lions, what? It's not like you're going to make a run at the playoffs.

More basically though, Mariucci wasn't at the root of the problem. Granted, he wasn't setting the world on fire as the Lions' coach. But he did lift the team from really awful to simply pathetic in his two years. Unless the guy was going to bring his players with him from San Francisco, you really couldn't count on San Francisco results.

Detroit was a mess before Mariucci got there and they'll continue to be a mess after he leaves. For that matter they were a mess before Matt Millen got there and will continue to be if and when he leaves. Firings don't fix things ... putting the right people in the right positions does.
-- B --

And in case you missed it, Sen Arlen Specter (idiot-PA), having "fixed" baseball is now weighing in on the TO situation. You've got to feel for the Eagles on this. After the arbitrators ruling, this thing had pretty well died down and we just finished our first nearly TO-free weekend. Then a friggin' Senator has to go and bring the whole thing back up again! Might be some antitrust implications here?

Unbelievable. As if TO wasn't bizarre enough on his own. Throw Jesse Jackson and Arlen Specter into the mix and you've got a bona fide circus here. How this guy (Specter) still calls himself a Republican is beyond me. I mean, here naive little old me is hoping that these guys will eventually reduce the size and role of the federal government while this joker just can't seem to find enough places to stick his nose!


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