How My Mind Wanders While Shaving

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The other day I was shaving and I started reflecting on "Shattered Glass," the movie I'd watched the night before. It was the story of the New Republic writer who fabricated all of his stories. As usual, the movie was cheezy, but it's an interesting story so it was bearable. Anyway, as I started shaving, I started reflecting ...

Step 1 - Pretty good movie. No, weak movie, horrible acting. Just an interesting story is all.

Step 2 - The guy who played glass had some odd mannerisms. Whenever I see something like that I wonder if it is poetic license, or if they went back and found out that that's how the guy really was. I mean, for a guy it was weird, but for a wormy little fraud, maybe. For example, whenever he was questioned he would get all mopey and say things like, "You're really mad," or "Do you hate me?"

Step 3 - Those are the kinds of things women would say, and men wouldn't. Not in the workplace. I wonder if that made the guys he worked with suspicious or annoyed. I wonder if they wondered if he was gay.

Step 4 - It's weird how different the workplace is with a heavy female population. Women are all about flaunting their emotions. Guys don't do it. With a guy, if you ever find yourself wondering if they are mad, it ends there. You don't ask. Once you realize that they might be mad, that they would have grounds to be mad, that's enough. You've already decided to fix the problem. If appropriate you apologize and then re-double your efforts.

Step 5 - It's like at work lately, we find ourselves purposefully doing a lot of things, not because it will make us better or more efficient, not to better serve our kids. No, we go out of our way because such-and-such happened and now so-and-so and so-and-so are in a tizzy over it, and we don't want to do anything to put them in any more of a tizzy. Accomodating emotions, however unproductive they are.

Step 6 - It would seem that by saying, "OK, we'll adjust because you are in a state right now," would encourage people to just give their emotions free rein, and thereby discourage professional behavior and restraint.

Step 7 - Until now, I've worked in companies that were pretty well dominated by men. Now I'm in a predominantly female environment. I like working with men better.

Step 8 - It's like last week when VP x had someone who had gotten behind in her work. What did they do ... they had a big meeting with all the VP's there and VP x's department. They decided that they would pull the employee out of her position for a week and let her focus on getting caught up. The other departments will supply people to fill in for the employee while she does this. Anywhere else VP x would have been embarrased to suggest such a thing.

Step 9 - (done shaving now) Man, what got me thinking about THAT?


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