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OK, notice ... hey! Pay attention! Notice that I've added an "email me" link at the top of my menu bar. This is for all you spammers. OK, it's for anyone that wants to email me, but spammers are explicitly instructed to use this, NOT THE COMMENTS!

"Hey, I just happened upon your blog. It's really cool. You should really check out this blog/product/website/service!" No one cares and it's not comment material. If you must, email me. I can delete emails quicker than I can delete your comments, but rest assured you will be deleted either way.

Honestly, do you think anyone is going to think to themselves, "Hmm. What a nice person. They were surfing the web, happened upon my blog and were so taken with it that they decided to tell me about something really cool. It's probably NOT something they are sharing with thousands of bloggers - just me because they like my blog soooo much. I think I'll check it out. First however, let me get my credit card just in case I get the chance to purchase something."


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