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The NBA started its season last night. Yay. It's hard to get fired up about it right now because the season is so blasted long.

The Spurs looking to continue their run as the most boring champions ever. Michael Finley is a nice addition. Nick VanExel? Doesn't seem like a good fit. It's not like he's a ton of trouble, but it's also not like he adds a lot. Whatever the Spurs do this year, they'd be able to do it with or without Van Exel.

Stephen A Smith had Shaq on yesterday, and gave him every opportunity to diss Detroit, Indiana, Philadelphia, Iverson, TMac, etc. Standard Shaq answer: "(Insert team's key player) is one of the most talented players in the league and (insert team name here) should do very well this year." You know, Shaq may be controversial, and he may say some off the wall stuff, but he's way too smart to give anyone bulletin board material. On Kobe: "Who?" On the Lakers' chances now that Phil Jackson is on the scene: "I don't know."

Detroit to return to the FInals? No. Detroit will spend this year finding out just what a difference Larry Brown makes and that you can't plug in just anyone and expect the same results.

The Lakers? Their key off-season addition was coach Phil Jackson. Unless he's planning to suit up, there is only so much any coach can do with this measly group. The odd thing, Jackson's pattern has been to take over teams with all of the ingredients in place. The Lakers aren't even close.

I like the pieces Pat Reilly has brought to Miami to go along with Shaq and Dwayne Wade. If they can figure out how to share one basketball this will be an exciting team. I still say Stan VanGundy can't take them the whole way. We'll see.


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