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The Aruba boycott? Sure. Been doing it my whole life, why stop now? OK, seriously. Talk about closing the barn door after the horses are out. At the beginning of summer the story was hot. Now, how many hurricanes and gas "crises" and indictments later, no one is paying attention anymore. That doesn't mean the family should give up their fight. This just doesn't seem like the way to go about it.
-- B --

The sky is falling! My fellow Republicans, let's run for the hills. After all, a Democrat just won the Governor's race in New Jersey and several semi-conservative initiatives were defeated in California. Yup, there they are, New Jersey and California - the cornerstones of our midtern strategy for next year. Even the defeat in Virginia was less a referendum and more what was effectively a popular incumbent drubbing a negative campaigning Republican challenger. Oh the misery that waits for us if this sort of thing continues. Things are getting so bad, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Dems steal New York and Illinois away from us too.
-- B --

It was probably as close to an apology as you'll get from TO, but it was no apology. "I'm sorry," is an apology. "I'm sorry this happened," is a realization that the consequences are going to be costly. There is no ownership of responsibility there. No admission of wrong-doing.
-- B --

I was just watching the World Poker Tour from Foxwoods. When the game is boiled down to the final two players it is customary on the WPT to bring out the first prize money and lay it on the table. At Foxwoods, Native Americans brought out the money, did a dance and threw in a ceremonial belt. So let me get this straight. College mascots are out of bounds ... offensive even. But when the chance to cash in on the Poker craze shows itself, pimping your culture is no problem.
-- B --

Customers, patrons and the like. We've got to look out for each other. The person behind the counter won't tell you you're being rude - they can't. The half dozen pairs of eyes standing behind you in line, boring lasers into your skull should be the giveaway. Today I had to cruise over to the PO to pick up some stamps. They have one of those new atm-ish machines that can handle most of your postal needs, except today. So, I had to wait in line for stamps. Prior to coming in, Rome threw out some teasers on the next segment of his show. It was going to be good, so I was looking forward to getting back to the car. Surely a noon hour radio commercial break should be more than enough time to pick up stamps. Good assumption until dipstick gets to the counter and takes twenty minutes to write out a check because she's so busy talking about other times her cc didn't work and she had to write a check. Word to the wise: no one cares, least of all the poor person trapped behing the counter watching her line grow. Shut you mouth and move on!


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