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You may want to sit down for this. Last week, Martha fired, well no not fired, had to say, "goodbye" to two candidates at the same time! Two!

Yo, Martha, it's been done to death. Donald Trump fires two guys while he's waiting for his second cup of coffee every morning. Last week he fired FOUR people in one sitting on the real Apprentice. And he actually fired them, instead of mumbling something vague and soft leaving the candidates to wonder if they've been fired.

Top that! Well, actually Martha could. You can't swing a dead cat on her show without hitting a ditz.

I was thinking about this the other day and wondering what was next. They've pretty much maxed out the numbers escalation, or they'll have to start out with 100 people to a team in future seasons. No, I think the next logical step is ... Fired? Oh no. You're going to wish you'd been fired, for about two seconds until ... and then the Donald pulls a handgun out of his wasteband and blows the stammering putz away.

And if this happens, blame Markus. Usually when the Donald says, "You're fired," that's it - he doesn't have to put up with the person anymore. They get quiet and they get polite and slink away, tail between their legs. Not Markus. Like a PCP freak charging the police, the fatal blow escaped his notice and the stupidity kept right on coming.


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