Time Out for T.O.

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Hmmm ... TO suspended and then out for the season - didn't see THAT coming.

And while I understand and agree with what Philly is doing, I have no pity for them. As usual, this all goes back to that 7-yr contract.

TO and his agent, knowing that NFL contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on, and knowing that TO is a volatile man who isn't likely to ever go more than a season without demanding his props in the form of dollars, should never have asked for or signed the deal.

As for Philly, they knew what they were getting. This is who TO is. You want his numbers on the field it will cost you a massive paycheck, and a weekly headache every time you pick up the paper and find out what he's done or said this time.

You do have to draw the line when the guy starts taking swipes at the core of your team. Philly is absolutely making the right move. As for getting part of the signing bonus back - I don't think so. I mean, what's the justification? "Well, we hired T.O., but then the guy shows up and starts acting like ... well ... T.O."

Ahhh but short-sightedness knows no bounds. Right there is general agreement in sports fandom - the guy is amazing but he's just not worth the trouble he brings with him. He'll never work again!

Sure he will. Right now there are a bunch of teams out there thinking that they're just one break-out wide receiver away from taking the next step. "Sure T.O.'s a handful," they'll admit. "But look at his numbers. In the right atmosphere this thing could work. It'll be different here."

From this point forward T.O. probably won't stay in one place more than 2 years at any given time. Yet there are probably still several-year contracts in his future as teams line up to roll the dice, gambling that they can squeeze a playoff or Super Bowl berth out of the situation before T.O. burns the wrong bridge in their town.


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