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I'm a big Law & Order SVU fan (although lately I'm shifting to CI as I feel like I've seen every SVU episode 300 times), and Richard Belzer is one of my favorite actors. He's got that likeable in a dark, brooding way thing going on. He's one of those stars that I've always figured would probably be cool to hang out with in real life as well.

Then he showed up on Celebrity Poker. Turns out the guy is an obnoxious buffoon. Who'd have thought?

I guess those celebrity shows are good for something. From Celeb Poker ... Likeable: Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Dule Hill (West Wing), Dean Cain (some Superman offshoot I think), and Wendy Pepper (Project Runway, amazingly a reality show contestant who translated to celebrity quite well). Annoying or just plain full of themselves: Belzer, James Woods (fancies himself a poker god and is therefore condescending to everyone, audience included). And in a category by herself is gymnast Oksana Baiul. She's very attractive and seemed nice enough. Problem is, she didn't have very good command of the English language, so while the card playing was going on everything was fine. But when it came time for the interesting banter she was dead air.


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