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Aaaahhh, here we are in the midst of the two easiest "work" days of the year. Why people who aren't traveling take off the day or two before the official Christmas days off is beyond me.

We get off Friday and Monday, making today the second last working day. The handful of execs that did show were gone by lunch, and may not be seen again until 2006. With them gone, departure fever trickles down the food chain until it is closing time and the place is already a ghost town. Meanwhile the "appreciate you" candy and munchies from vendors arrive in the break room by the truck load.

See, this is frequent holiday season; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, MLK Day. Then ... nothing. A long stretch to Good Friday, then a long stretch to Memorial Day, etc. That's when you want to take those vacation and personal days. Right now, what? Is what is effectively a two and a half day work week too much?



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