Another Aging Superstar Retires

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This past week ABC filed their last installment of Monday Night Football. I was going to blog about how the show was over-rated and had become more irrelevant in recent years. Then I caught a rerun of VH1's I Love the 80's for the year when Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theisman's leg, ending his career. And in this case broke = snapped it like a twig, live in front of a national audience, courtesy of MNF.

There isn't a man in America that was alive then that hasn't seen that "highlight" more times than they'd like. That's reach, baby!

Still, like many superstars who are reluctant to let go, MNF overstayed its usefulness. Unlike those superstars however, MNF could have extended its life if only ABC had recognized how tired the current edition was and figured out how to upgrade it for a modern audience. But then again, it's ABC.

Obviously our discomfort at watching the Theisman tragedy doesn't compare to his suffering. But this question for viewers remains: What was more painful for you ... watching Joe Theisman's leg snap over and over and over, or enduring Dennis Miller's attempt at hosting MNF?


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