Apprentice: Hire Rebecca!

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Trump - Apprentice 4Well, as anticipated, the board meeting was a marathon. I didn't get to see the conclusion of the final tasks, just the last boardroom and the live part, so these are just some initial thoughts.

Once it came down to Randal and Rebecca I was happy. They were the cream of a pretty strong crop, so it didn't matter to me who won. But, I must admit that as soon as the Donald pointed at Randal and said, "You're hired," I saw a very disappointing side of the new Apprentice.

My one question regarding Randal was his tendency to be soft-spoken and nice whereas Rebecca is tough in the boardroom. Well, Randal came in with his guns loaded last night. He was prepared for the inevitable questions and played up his superior record over the course of the game. At one point however, he turned to the gallery of Apprentice 4 contestants and asked those who supported him to stand up. This was a little over-the-top, and considering people like Clay, Markus and Alla, I'm not sure their word should be seen as a feather in Randal's cap.

The real kicker came after Trump had made his hiring decision. He called Randal back to the table and asked his newest employee if he thought he should also hire Rebecca. Coming back from the commercial I had a feeling that Trump might go this route. Randal however, exclaimed that there should be one and only one Apprentice and that the show was called "The Apprentice," not "Apprenti."

Wow! When he was trying to impress the Trump team, Randal was very complimentary of Rebecca and was careful to stay positive in distinguishing himself from her. Hand him a 6-figure job and he gets all 5-yr-old on us!

This was very surprising. A side of Randal we hadn't seen at all during the season. I'd be interested in hearing his rationale, but right now I am disappointed and strongly wishing that Trump had hired Rebecca. Just as surprising was Trump letting it go at that. Carolyn and George had both acknowledged that both players would make great managers in the Trump organization.

This whole incident couldn't have taken more than 30 seconds, yet it may have been the most interesting and confusing part of the whole 2 hours.


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