Avery Explains His Communication Difficulties

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Wow. Avery and Chris are having a heck of a time getting in touch with each other. But I really get the feeling that Chris doesn't understand all that has been going on on Avery's end of things. Avery isn't one to complain, mind you, but Chris is getting so impatient that perhaps an explanation is in order ...
Oh boy do I have egg on my plate! I wanted to dash you a quick note to let you know how embarrassed I am by all of this. We have some federal attorneys in the suite next to us. Whenever it rains it seems that our phone lines get crossed. We had a doozie of a storm yesterday, I can tell you that. Check out what's left of my neighbor's house:

His wife's pretty hot, though, hey?

Anyway, they are working on the phone lines right now, but no guesses as to when they'll have them fixed.

I'm anxious to get going with our venture, so I thought that maybe we could do a teleconference.Do you have a Zebbo Setcom or Max 90? I don't have either at home ... I wish! But, right now they are letting us use them at work to get in touch with loved ones after the storm. If you don't have one, maybe there is one nearby that you could use, perhaps at a Kinko's or a Starbucks. I'll be glad to pay for it, just let me know. And for scheduling our teleconference, I'll be glad to work around your schedule, just as a show of good faith for this unfortunate snafu that has occurred on my watch.

Once again, many apologies. I have also reviewed your previous e-mail - the one from your meeting with all the good Christian brothers at it, where you outlined the financial requirements. Just off the top of my hide, everything sounds reasonable, but I'm having my attorney Shambles look it over. Nothing personal against you. He just needs the practice if he's ever going to pass that bar exam. He's passed it three times before (he keeps letting his license expire), you'd think he'd learn. Anyway, I gave him your email in case he has any questions.

I am working on getting the documents together for my trip. Do you have any recommendations as to travel to Johnsonburg, or where I might stay? My secretary would certainly appreciate any tips you could provide.

OK, then. Hopefully we are back on track.


Avery Lunch
So, now that Chris has the skinny on what's going on, maybe he'll lighten up ... naaaah! Not likely. By the way, you've probably guessed it, but no such thing as a Zebbo Setcom or Max 90. But I figure if I could lure him into asking around about it, that might be almost as fun as the phone thing.


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