Bowl Lineup? I always wind up napping anyway

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I was just perusing the bowl lineup, and *yawn* even before too much holiday food I can feel a nap coming on.

The BCS has, for a change, given us a blockbuster #1-#2 matchup. I really wish I cared about Texas or USC because that's going to be a great game. I'm going to root for Texas cuz Leinart strikes me as a slightly above average QB who has overstayed his welcome behind a superpower arsenal of weapons and mammoth O-line. I think he stayed in college, well actually you can hardly say that he's in college. I think he stayed in college football rather than go to the NFL to pick on someone his own size and a half because he wanted one last moment in the limelight before embarking on the glorious career of clipboard-holding that awaits him.

Beyond that, the BCS has responded to its unwanted guests in typical fashion: rather than pair up Florida State and West Virginia or Notre Dame in order to try to preserve one more good matchup, they've tainted the other three games. Look for Penn State over the Seminoles, Ohio State over Notre Dame, and Georgia over West Virginia ... big! Oh wait, I forgot. Ohio State v. the Irish is going to be a great matchup because geographically the schools are kind of near each other. And with the game just under a month away, Georgia has already opened up a 14 pt lead on the Mountaineers.

Louisville finds itself in a post New Year's Day game - great progress for the Cards. Still I look at the "2" in their 9-2 record and think of what should have been. You can't convince me that those two games weren't winnable for the Cards.

Miami - LSU in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl looks like the second best game of the bowl season this year. Two really strong teams with a lot of power on both sides of the ball butting heads. And I've got to say, that if a chicken restaurant is going to sponsor a bowl game they should have to re-name it if it is named after a fruit. I mean, Chick-fil-A gets your mind going down one road and then all of a sudden "Peach" ... mmmmm, chicken 'n' peaches.

Spurrier's Gamecocks head to the Independence Bowl to take on Missouri. Here's hoping that SC stamps out the final embers of the illusion that there are any good teams in the Big XII besides Texas.

Speaking of lame Big XII teams, Oklahoma draws Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. Wow! Who did Coach Stoopes tick off? Granted, when it comes to being over-rated, the Pac 10 is neck and neck with the Big XII. But Oregon should man-handle the Sooners. This could easily be the biggest blowout of the final week of bowls.

There are probably a few other good games mixed in there. I'll never know. I'm not die-hard. I can't watch East Tulsa Poly v. Marengo Community College, even if it is the only game on.

Finally, as a follow-up to my post yesterday, another of the tired brand of sports pieces that you'll be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks are the graduation rate harangues. There'll be a lot of chest-thumping about how the bowl teams don't graduate even half of their players ... it's almost as if they've taken the student out of student athlete, don't ya know. The writers in question will be good and outraged, and present their cases as if they've stumbled on to something totally new and on a par with gravity.

Notice you never see these stories during the season. No, "Wow! Notre Dame falls in last minute to the Trojans who only graduated 30% of their players last year." No, "Texas barely gets by the Ohio State Buckeyes, but the real shame of it is that neither team has a minority head coach." Why? No one cares. And during the season no one wants to hear it.

Now is the time for no one cares stuff because now, no one is listening. Now is the time for the writers to pat themselves on the back for being great engineers of social justice instead of the low-talent leeches that they really are. There won't be any College Football played for the next two weeks, and its almost twice that long until we start hitting the games that have any kind of widespread appeal. The thing about writers and congressmen is that just because there's nothing to do doesn't mean that they'll stop doing. Congressmen call pointless hearings and writers write. Bring on the drivel!


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