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Not that it meant much, and yet to others it meant the world - how about those MIddies sticking it to Army in a big way! Anchors Aweigh and Semper Fi (yeah, they're ours too)!
-- B --

Caught a little of the USC - UCLA game today. You know, the one that was supposed to close. It wasn't. What it was was proof that UCLA's greatness is a mirage created by a weak Pac 10 Conference. Shortly however I had to go wretch as I was overcome by the Reggie Bush love-fest in progress. You know, I'm actually very impressed by Bush. He's become more and more amazing as the season has worn on. Problem is, once Corso and these other dead air creators hop on a bandwagon they just can't leave it alone ... ever. Very early on it seemed to become a contest - who can think of the most different ways to say that Reggie Bush is awesome.

Some credit has to go to the UCLA "D." They were a horrendous no-tacking, no-blocking mess today.
-- B --

Speaking of Lee Corso - exhibit A in my assertion that he is a big idiot. When asked for his pick in the "big game," instead of saying anything intelligent (I believe I've already established that he is incapable of doing so), he put on the Trojan mascot's helment and pulled out that goofy little sword, and proceeded to be his buffoon self.
-- B --

Texas - Colorado, as predicted was also a non-story. Again, weak conference, weak Conference Championship game. However, Vince Young made about as strong a Heisman statement as a guy can make. Too little, too late as it seems that Reggie Bush has already locked up that trophy, most of the running back awards, and California's third Congressional district. I think they would have given him the trophy in October if they could have found someone to count the votes.
-- B --

So, my take on the Championship: I've got no quarrel with it this year. USC and Texas have taken care of business every week of the season, which is something no other team can say. This could be a great game, or it could be a blow-out. How Corso-esque of me, I know ... I'll explain.

On the one hand, both appear to be firing on all cylinders. There are minor questions regarding various parts of either squad, but in looking at their last few games, the more people try to point out chinks in the armor, the more dominant each has become, as if to rebuff the criticism.

On the other hand, I remember Ohio State beating Texas every way but on the scoreboard. If the 'Horns go on to a National Championship, they'll have Buckeye Coach Jim Tressell to thank. And, by the way, Buckeye fans have him to thank for not being in the picture right now. What's the opposite of sending him a Christmas card? Maybe go egg his house or something. Still, today's Texas team seems a lot stronger than they were in that early outing.

And, I remember just a few weeks ago when Fresno State made USC look very human. Corso and company were falling all over themselves to love on the Bulldogs that week. Besides just playing the Trojans tough, FSU exposed some glaring weaknesses in USC's "D." Texas has the offense to exploit those weaknesses. On the other hand, while that game may have been interesting for a while, USC came out of halftime and emphatically slammed the door shut. To me that is one Trojan strength that gets lost behind their star power - Coach, Pete Carroll is a halftime adjustment wizard. Several times this season it appeared that some team could hang with the Trojans, only to have USC execute a day-night change at halftime and squash the matter.

So, I for one am looking forward to this game.
-- B --

As for the other games, Oregon - be quiet. Notre Dame is going to the BCS. That's how it works. Yes, I hate it as much as the next person. But, I appreciate having Notre Dame back around to hate once again. When I last looked, Georgia was beating LSU which should clear the way for Ohio State to frolick into the other BCS at-large slot. Va Tech was also losing meaning that, for all the hype, the ACC (Florida State), SEC (Georgia), and Big East (W Virginia) could send some real donks to the premier games. Add in that it is questionable whether Notre Dame is really up to this level yet, and half of the BCS field is lackluster. My money is on Oho State to wind up #2 when the dust settles, unless Penn State gets to play them and wins.
-- B --

And finally, speaking of donks, this just in: Congress to look into 'deeply flawed' BCS System. They're at it again.

As I write this is blossoming into a post of its own. Stay tuned.


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