Communication Problems continue for Avery and Chris

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In my last email to Chris, I had supplied him with a "work number" that he could call. My cell was in the shop after all, so it was all I could do. I also felt it only fair to warn him that my secretary was hard of hearing and the other admin who sometimes handles the phones didn't speak very much English. I cautioned him to speak loud and slow and to mention "Swiftboat," my code for our venture. See that entry for details on the number I actually supplied to him. Anyway, it does my heart good to know that he gave it a shot ...
Mr Lunch,
I called you today on the telephone number you gave me 202-224****. I had a shock when i was told that there is nothing like your name nor swiftboat code.Its very unfortunate.
In fact, he apparently gave it more than the old college try. This from a subsequent email ...
... The people were very furious with me when i started calling persistently and i had to tender my apology ...
Oh to have been a fly on the wall that day ....


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