The Difference between Donald and Martha

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Last week another "This would never happen on the REAL Apprentice" moment from Martha's show. Last week's reward for the winning team ... they got to go to Martha's place and ride horses and play Scrabble with her. And they all got really excited when they were told this. And after a cozy afternoon nestled on a patio straight out of Better Homes and Gardens, chatting with Martha over a friendly game of Scrabble, as the team was walking away (and I strongly suspect this was planned), Jim, the obnoxious one, said to his teammates a bit too loud, "She's so cute," his voice dripping wth sophomore pajama party. Well, Martha overhead and chided him, "Never call your prospective boss, 'cute!'" Jim did a poor job of acting surprised, "How did you heeaaarr that!?" his voice dripping with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Now on the Donald's show, no Scrabble. Ever. And if he'd had an inkling that Jim was even capable of this kind of cheeziness, he'd have fired him in week 2.


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