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I don't know what to make of the Colts game. Were they trying to win or not? If they were, other than one angry TD drive where it appeared Peyton Manning might just pull out a sledgehammer and smash the ball into the end zone himself, it didn't show in their effort. If they weren't, why were Manning and Edge in the game and exposed to the punishment of the Charger "D" so long?
-- B --

Speaking of the Colts, they can now coast. But they'd better be careful to stay sharp. Their walk through the AFC Playoffs could well be New England followed by Cincinnati which is far from a sure thing. I know, I know, they got that Patriot monkey off their back ... or did they? It's one thing to ring up a team when you are 8-0 and in the middle of the regular season. So what if you lose? You fall all the way to 8-1 and still have home field through the playoffs well within your grasp. Things are quite different in the playoffs when there is "no tomorrow."

As for a re-match with the Bengals, what an awesome AFC championship that would be. The first time out Indy didn't beat Cincinnati as much as they out-lasted them.
-- B --

Pittsburgh is pillaging the NFC North as they compile an impressive closing kick. Just a few weeks ago, the Steelers suffered a heart-breaking home loss to Cincinnati. Not only did this dash their fleeting hopes of winning the AFC North, it seemed to cast doubt on even a wild card berth, as Chicago and Minnesota, two teams on the move, were next on the Steeler agenda.

Instead of folding, Pittsburgh soundly beat both teams, including an improbable win in Minnesota's dome yesterday. The Steelers lead San Diego by a tie-breaker for the final AFC Wild Card spot with only Cleveland and Detroit remaining on their schedule.

Knowing Pittsburgh however, the excitement probably isn't over.
-- B --

Wow! Washington looked like the Gibbs teams of old in dismantling the Cowboys yesterday. Yet the 'Skins weigh in at only 8-6 and still have some work to do.

I really don't know what to make of the NFC playoff picture. Seattle has been consistent and looks to be the class of the Conference, which is hard to get used to in and of itself. After that ... Carolina was the fashionable pick coming into the season. They are right behind Seattle in the standings but have been unimpressive more often than not this season. The Giants have looked good at times, but another Eli Manning turnover-fest could be fatal. The Bears likewise have had their moments. As previously mentioned however, Pittsburgh recently laid a solid beating on the Bears as if to demonstrate how wide the power gap between AFC and NFC is right now. Behind those four is a mess of just over .500 teams that aren't going to make much noise in the playoffs, but have the potential to play first round spoiler.


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