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I confess, I don't get the attraction to Mannheim Steamroller. To me it was part of the 80's "lets add electronics to everything and cheapen it" movement.

Of course you have to consider the source on that one. Among my Christmas favorites are two songs which I readily admit are stupid:

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas - Paul McCartney
Little St. Nick - Beach Boys

"Christmas comes this time each year ...," in the background always kills me. I mean, this is a song, you know. So, someone, or ones wrote it. At some point they came to that spot and thought, "Hmmm, 'Christmas comes this time each year,' ... yeah! That totally works!"

In my defense, these two songs are less about Christmas and more about me just liking McCartney and the Beach Boys a lot. And let's face it - while McCartney is solid, the Beach Boys entire body of work resides in the shallow end of the pool. What they lack in substance they make up for in fun!


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