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So, Avery had responded to poor Widder Olds' desperate situation. Of course he wanted to do a little negotiating on the rate of return and all that. Not that Avery is all about the money, it's just that he likes to conduct his shady financial ventures with the utmost integrity and fairness to all of his clients. If it were left up to him, being the former tobacco / cattle farmer that he is, I think Avery might be persuaded to do this one gratis.

A day and a half after Avery's reply ...

Dear Mr Avery Lunch,

Thanks for your mail. I am responding to your mail as directed by my sister Mrs kathy Olds. Please this transaction has no legal implication in anyway both on your side and our side. We are assuring you 100% risk free. So we are willing to invest our money in your country or any business venture you may deem fit in the your country or elsewhere, We need your assistance to move this money out of south africa to your country, We are contacting you because we need your assistance because presently we have refugee status here in South Africa, this implies that we cannot own or operate a bank account. But when you arrive here you will open a non resident investment bank account in your name, which makes it easy for us. Immediately we conclude this we will go back to your country with you
to invest the money.

The money is not an ill gotten money,its not a stollen money.The money belongs to my late sisters husband who was a wealthy tobacco farmer before he was killed by president Robert Mogabeh security agents andall we are doing with you is to safeguard our money, get the money properly invested so that we can have you as our fund manager, enter into business patnership with you and have our life going on in a very peaceful and business friendly enviroment, where we can be assured that we and our investment is safe.

We will appreciate if you come to South Africa (Johannesburg) immediately so that we meet face to face, upon your arrival to johannesburg, you will be required to open a non resident bank account in a local bank here in johannesburg, South Africa, afterwards we shall proceed to the security company to take delivery of the consignment [money], and then go back to the bank where you have opened the new non resident bank account to lodge in the money for onward transfer to your account in your country.

The only document needed to open the non resident bank account is your international passport which prooves that you are a visiting business manto south africa.We have discussed this matter several times with some top bank officials here in johannesburg, who are our christain brothers in faith, and they gave this expertise advice.They advised we should follow this procedure because of the stringent monetry laws here in south africa, and they have promised to get involved to assist anytime we get a reliable foreign partner who is ready to come down here to work with them and move out the funds.The money will be transported from the security company to the bank with the security companys bullionvan, its very safe.

Please try and understand our situation and assist us,after depositing all the money in your non resident bank account here in south africa, you will issue a written instruction to the bank here immediately instructing them to start transfering the funds to your overseas bank account in segments, ie bit by bit ok.We are waiting for your urgent response and may almighty God bless you.Please let me have your telephone numbers including cellphone so as to communicate faster and better with you.Give me a telephone call immediately you finish reading this mail for further briefing ok.

Chris and Mrs Kathy Olds.

Hmmm ... looks like a trip to South Africa is in the offing. But wait, there is more. Chris had considered my counteroffer and ...
Mr Avery Lunch,

As a fellowup to my previous mail to you, we have discussed and perused the percentage issue as imposed by your governnment, we would like to say that we have no choice than to accept your offer provided you are very genuine, sincere and very willing to assist us, and also assure s about the safety of our fund in your hand. I am waiting for your telephone call immediately so that we can discuss further on the matter. God bless you.Let me have your telephone number also.

Chris Mutembi.

Chaa-chinggg! Avery Lunch: master negotiator. Meanwhile, little did they know, but it was a special time of the year for Avery. Chris and Kathy were getting antsy ...
Mr Lunch,

We are still waiting for your response regarding the last mail we sent to you.


All right already! Next time: Why Avery was out of touch for a few days. Also, I'll let you know that even as I bring you up to speed on what has happened so far, I am carrying on with these two, and this afternoon I fired off what might well be my best play yet - hassling two birds with one stone. Stay tuned.


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