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Well, Avery's brief contact didn't do much to cool their heels. They fired back as impatient as ever, when Avery's note finally got through to the correct address. He's going to have to start making with some information and plans for a trip to South Africa. That should be fun, I mean, we've faked Europe, I guess we can do Africa too. Kathy and Chris' urgencies ...
Dear Avery Lunch,

I have forwarded your mail to my sister, but from all you seem to be talking something we do not understand or know. But why did you refuse to send your telephone number to us or call us as you were directed. However, we are still waiting for your response to our detailed mail we sent to you. Have a nice day.

Never heard of the Landed Gentry Brethren!? I'm hurt. Here I thought we were becoming sort of mainstream. So, they want a phone number, hey ...
Dear Mr Lunch,

I got your brief mail from chris. Please send all your mails to me to this email account and for reasons of responding back to you quicker, i will advise you correspond with chris as that will be faster because i dont always go to the inernet because of my health. Let me have your response to the detailed mail chris sent to you.We also need your telephone number so that we can discuss this faster and get all concluded.

Aaaahhh yes. Couldn't use the internet because of health concerns. Why didn't I think of that one!?


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