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Man, it's hard getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend, especially with another holiday weekend coming up. I think it's more of a "I've just got to hang on until Friday" mindset.
-- B --

Are there too many bowl games? Does Kansas v. Houston in the Fort Worth Bowl answer your question?
-- B --

I feel for the Colts, but they need to be very careful in their approach to the final regular season game. They've been off their game for two weeks and counting.

You certainly can't fault them. The games don't matter nearly as much as the life of a son, and if the Colts don't win the Super Bowl, well, it's a small matter in the grand scheme of things.

After many years, this is probably Indy's best opportunity to finish the job, and who knows if or when they'll get this chance again.

The problem is, you can't just put your "A" game on the shelf, then dust it off after five weeks and expect to have it ready to go. As I previously mentioned, after their bye week the Colts could very likely be facing New England or Cincinnati. Anything less than their best, and Indy will wind up watching the AFC Championship on TV.
-- B --

Just for the record, at some point I said, "white." Not wet, White! I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas. Oh well. I'll be more clear next year.
-- B --

It's interesting what the various cable networks do with Christmas day. TBS looped A Christmas Story" all day. This makes sense, it being Christmas and all. Other networks didn't even try to link up with the holiday. AMC had a couple different things going over the weekend - on Christmas I think it was a John Wayne marathon. Spike did their usually Bond-a-thon. I'm not a big Bond guy, so I wish that sometimes they'd pick a different testosterone hero. You can usually count on a Law & Order-fest somewhere. Not so this year. USA had a slate of four movies cycling - I caught both editions of The Fast and the Furious there.

The one I didn't get was FX continuously running Daddy Day Care. This thing is excruciating any time! Why inflict such a heavy dose at Christmas? Is it because it has kids in it? And all the hijinx that go along with an adult male struggling with child care? (You don't see that premise too often *eyes roll*). My guess is a bet between a couple of flunkies in operations. Sort of a "No one's going to watch anyway, so let's put on the worst movie we can think of and see if we can get away with it," proposition.


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