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OK, this I don't get, and it happens all the time. Someone sends you an e-mail, and then two minutes later they're in your office to tell you what they just told you in the e-mail. Invariably the conversation starts ... "Hey, didja get that e-mail I sent you?" This ranks right up there with the people who want you to e-mail them every time they send you a fax. All these new communication media ... instead of speeding things up, they add a layer of redundancy.

One note: Outlook 2003 sometimes gets me in trouble here. When you get an e-mail it pops a little note up above the system tray letting you know who the e-mail is from and the first couple of lines from the message body. So, usually that's enough to get the gist of it without having to stop an read the whole thing. I can get the details later. But then when sender shows up at my door two seconds later, "Hey, didja get that e-mail I sent you?" Well, checkmate if sender is the VP. If you say, "yes" but don't have a clue on the details then it looks like you didn't pay attention, and if you say, "no," well, why aren't you reading the VP's e-mails?

You know what! Just don't send me e-mails anymore. Send a letter. Then I can blame the postman.


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