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A College Football legend is calling it a career after tonight's Holiday Bowl. It's not a player, not a coach. Nooooohhh, Nellie! Legendary announcer Keith Jackson will don the mike for one last game as Oklahoma takes on Oregon. Right now he's adding a little ... ahh, something, to the broadcast as he points out that the Oregon offensive linemen have "big butts," (you know, as opposed to all those sleek and slender offensive linemen that you normally see in a football game).

Man, that's old school ... from the golden days when broadcasters weren't just pretty boys with big mouths, they were artists. The spoken word was their paint and every hoooooommmme in America was their canvas. The young bucks today, they don't know how it is. Kirk Herbstreit isn't fit to carry Jackson's jock. Go on, Keith. One last time work your magic. You talk about those big butts like they've never been talked about before, and *sniff*, never will be talked about again.


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