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OK, first a non-sports note ... my town added $600K to the coffers of Hill '08 last night. Good thing she got some of our money I guess, cuz she sure won't be getting our electoral votes.
-- B --

Big shocker out of Miami: Stan VanGundy is stepping down as the Heat head coach, with Pat Riley likely stepping in to replace him. Finally! Now I'm even more of a Heat guy. Riley has been one of my favorites even since the Showtime Laker days. I'm resigned to the fact that we'll never really return to those days ... the bodies are just too big now ... so Riley coaching Shaq and Wade seems like the next best thing.

By the way, VanGundy's statement which went, "This morning I voluntarily resigned ..." pretty much means it wasn't voluntary. If you voluntarily resign you just say, "I resigned." Why they even try stuff like that anymore is beyond me, because everyone sees right through it.
-- B --

The Colts continue their run, remaining flawless while surprises littered the NFL landscape all around them. San Diego falls to Miami. Cincinnati struggles with Cleveland while Pittsburgh put a sound beating on Chicago. And, despite an irrelevant flurry at the end, Jacksonville really didn't even put up a fight against Indy. Jacksonville, San Diego and Cincinnati along with Seattle were the teams that supposedly still threatened the Colts' streak (the Bengals obviously not until the playoffs), yet all appeared very human yesterday.
-- B --

Tough weekend for my teams in Women's Volleyball. Louisville fell to Florida without so much as a whimper. The Gators in turn lost to top-ranked, and prohibitive favorite, Nebraska who cruises into the Final Four without having lost a game in the tourney.

Hawaii blew a golden opportunity. Tennessee, their region's fourth seed, dispatched second-ranked Penn State to reach the regional final. Unfortunately, Hawaii couldn't get by Missouri.

Santa Clara is the tournament's Cinderella. The ... whatever Santa Clara is, were unseeded in the tournament (but were positioned as a regional #7 or #10 seed). They took out their region's second seed Stanford in the second round, and their top seed Arizona in the regional final to gain an improbable Final Four berth.

Still, it looks like this is Nebraska's to lose.
-- B --

Where's the love for Carolina? Granted, the "Defending Champions" lost everyone but the waterboy and Coach Williams. But, the 'Heels barely lost to #12 Illinois and dispatched then #10 Kentucky at Rupp Arena. Meanwhile Louisville, despite having played no one, has risen to #4. I like the Cards, but #4? The Cards may not have lost as much of their Final Four team numbers-wise, but between NBA defection and injuries Louisville is a shadow of their former self.

North Carolina finally cracked the top 25, and weighs in at #20 this week. This is a severe underestimation of Roy Williams' coaching and Carolina's recruiting.


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