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Scott Adams over at the Dilbert Blog makes a good point:
"Have you noticed that people become incredibly angry every December? My e-mail and blog comments become a flaming cesspool at this time of year, and by that I mean more than usual. ... It’ll calm down by mid February when bad weather turns that anger into debilitating depression. I’m looking forward to that. All I ask from life is that I be slightly less miserable than the people who hate me. I call that winning."

He's right. I'm more angry than normal this time of year, but it's because I have to put up with how everyone else acts when their stress/anger level accelerates at this time of year. The thing is, someone has to be starting it all.

It's like those traffic jams that pop up even though there isn't an accident nor any other apparent reason. It isn't possible that there is a solid, slow-moving line of traffic encircling the globe, right? So, you're sitting there thinking, "Somewhere way up in front of me there isn't a traffic jam, and the only thing that separates us jammed folks from the free is probably two or three blockheads who really suck at driving. Boy would I love to get my hands on them!"

Well, same thing in December. I'm angry cuz of the stupid thing Sam did this morning, and Sam only did that stupid thing cuz he's out of sorts after tolerating John's stupidity, etc., etc. Shortly after Thanksgiving someone somewhere started this whole thing. To that person I say ... "Lighten up, dude!"


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