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Two blogger friends; Rabe and Little A have been under the weather lately. Rabe has been watching TV and ran across "Mad Money" on CNBC. For the uninitiated I think Rabe summed MM up best:
The guy is giving stock advice on a financial network, and he's like a mix between an over-caffeinated sports talk host and Bobcat Goldthwait. He makes Howard Beale from "Network" look like Ben Stein.

I had been meaning to blog on this myself but the sickly one beat me to it. Check out his post and see the comments for my thoughts. Basically there isn't a whole lot to say here. Who is crazier, the lunatic who gives out advice this way? or the lemmings who follow? My thought:
... you've got to be nuts to base investment decisions on a 15-second rant perforated with heavy metal riffs and barnyard sound effects.


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