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Well, I just mentioned in my GM post how unions have helped ruin American auto-makers. Now there is a push on to provide the same "help" to WalMart. It's not all about unions, but that is one prong of the Wally bashing.

I don't see it. And I definitely don't see the religious ramifications. Would Jesus want me to shop at WalMart? Well, I'm on a tight budget these days. I know He wants me to be wise and honorable in my financial dealings. Overall though, I'd have to say that at the end of the day He probably really doesn't give a crap where I shop, within reason. I'm guessing that "Naughty and Nice" is probably out.

I hopped out to WakeUpWalMart.com (no link: the whole site and movement is lame - I'm not going to help drive traffic there) looking for some stimulating discussion material. Nah. Checked out the "Faith Leaders Letter to Wal-Mart." You'll never guess whose name was at the top of the list of signers - JJ, himself! It's getting to be like smoke and fire. Wherever there is a divisive issue, you'll find JJ. So much for credibility.

So then I cruised over to the discussion forums, and I found something interesting. Something vaguely familiar in some of the rhetoric, the causist enthusiasm, the nearly religious anti-WalMart fervor. The tone was the same as what I used to find out at Dean's blog. Heck, it's probably the same people - every since Iowa they've been wandering aimlessly, looking for a new cause to infect.

I also found as many WalMart supporters - well actually being a WalMart "supporter" is almost as ludicrous as being anti-WalMart. I found a lot of people not on board with the fight.

Here's just a sampling of the mindset we're dealing with here:
In response to someone who volunteered a plan to shut down all of the registers at a WalMart store: "Your an idiot, all that does is ruin the credibilty of those fighting the good fight..." ahhh yes. Fighting the good fight. Lesson one, take a meaningless issue and give it religious and moral overtones.

Also in the "Community Fight Strategy Forum": "I went to the local Target recently and chatted with a cashier as I was paying for my purchase. He said that he used to work at Wal-Mart last year, so I asked him how he likes his current job. He said that he liked it a lot more than working for Wal-Mart." End of anecdote. Never said why. Big success story: found a cashier who likes working at Target better than working at WalMart. I think we may have just found the stone that is going to bring Goliath-Mart down!

"PBS - brought to you by Wal-Mart. ... Do you feel disgust and anger that they, your friends in public broadcasting, would stoop so low? I do."

"Wal-Mart may not be the KKK, but their net negative impact on the world is because of their size, far worse than the KKK."

"Walmart is, without exaggeration, one of the most evil entities on the planet, and it chokes me to see PBS helping to paint lipstick on this pig."

I'm sorry, but could you be a little MORE over the top!?

Causists. I'm fascinated by 'em. On the one hand I just want to laugh. If you were making a movie, reality would trump any fictional stereotype you could concoct. On the other hand, I'm in awe of how someone could be so sheltered, so naive, so out of touch.

Some of you think WalMart robs people? Please. Shopping exclusively at WalMart, I could probably survive the rest of my life on what the parents of these nut-jobs spent to get them their Bachelor's Degree in Native American Social Cultures. Guarantee I'd have more to show for it.


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