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'Tis the season to be crying ... and that's about the only reason for Oregon to complain. This is actually one of the more straight forward years in BCS history, yet the Ducks are quacking. Why? Because that's what the highest ranked team not in the BCS is supposed to do, just like the highest ranked handful of teams that don't make March Madness.

Really, when it came to the "Who?" there was no decision-making involved. Automatic bids to conference winners: USC (Pac 10), Penn St (Big 10), Florida St (ACC), West Virginia (Big East), Texas (Big 12), and Georgia (SEC). At large: Ohio State -automatic bid to non-conference winner placing in BCS top 4, and Notre Dame - automatic bid to any team that plays in South Bend and places in the BCS top 6. Yes, just like they have their own TV contract, Notre Dame has their own special BCS rule. And that's eight teams ... we're out of tickets. Completely automatic this year.

But this is all beside the point. The only reason we think Oregon is good is that they play or rather, hide in the Pac 10. If the Big 12 North doesn't get its act together the Pac 10 may well supplant the Big 12 as ESPN's west of the Mississippi love object. The only ranked team Oregon played outside of the artificially-enhanced Pac 10 was Fresno State and they barely squeaked by. Against USC, the only GOOD team on Oregon's schedule, well ... the Ducks posted a couple scores and then USC woke up and throttled them. Final score, 45-13, 600 yds-250 yds. You have to at least show up for that game if you want to be taken seriously in BCS discussions. Oregon didn't and now no one is listening.

They can complain if they want, just like I can jump off a bridge if I want. Both are pointless.


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