Why Avery Was Out of Touch

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So, Kathy and Chris were getting impatient. Time was of the essence for them. This next email, sent to Kathy bounced back - her email addy had been closed down. Luckily I had Chris' email as well, so I was able to also send it to him. It's always nice when things like that happen. Whenever they start getting pushy, you can push right back and pretend that you might be starting to get cold feet. They want to close the deal in a hurry, but what they definitely don't want is to let you off the hook. Anyway, after a few days of silence, Avery re-emerges ...

I apologies for taking so long to get back to you. This is a crazy time of year. I should have alerted you that I am of the Landed Gentry Brethren faith. We are very traditional and seek to assist God in returning the world to its pre-16th century condition. Each year we ring in the Season of Piggish Decadence (our version of Advent) by living for one week without the benefit of any device invented or discovered after the year 1600. We are very devout and I'd love to tell you more of my faith some day if you are interested. Perhaps when we've smuggled you and your money out of Africa we can discuss this over lunch.

As for the matter at hand, again my apologies for the delay. I shall respond to your previous e-mails shortly, but it looks like we're a go for this venture!


Avery Lunch

P.S. Do you know, off hand, when the mechanical pencil was invented?

Honestly, it was Thanksgiving weekend and I didn't have a lot of time for this, so I was just trying to keep them in place.


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