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I stumbled across a couple of interesting items while catching up on my feeds at Bloglines:

Take the Geek Test:
innergeek has posted v 3.1 of the geek test. I weigh in at 33%, a Total Geek by innergeek's scale, just shy of Major Geek.

My disdain for all things Star Trek held me back, which got me to thinking ... the term "geek" is too vague. Like the eskimoes and their 98 words for snow, we need clearer stratification of geekhood. The biggest distinction is that between useful and useless geek skills. Say your mouse is catching. Useful geek skills: knowing how to clean the lint out of your own mouse, buying and installing a wireless optical mouse. Useless geek skills: knowing how to speak Klingon.

This got me thinking further ... one of the passages into adulthood is mentally accepting that geek skills have a lot more practical value than many of the things that were important in your adolescent years. Valuable: Knowing the basics of computer setup Why: You don't have to go without your computer for two days waiting for IT to show up and point out that you must have accidentally kicked off your surge protector. Not valuable: being able to drink a beer while standing on your head.

Amateur Writers:
Roy Peter Clark has posted 50 writing tools over at Poynter online. Good stuff.


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