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Well, I got the winners right in yesterday's games although I under-estimated how much Seattle would struggle with Washington. Who knew Shaun Alexander would go down in the first quarter?

Finally we are rid of the Patriots. But, the Brady / Pat apologists were churning hard right to the end. Regarding Brady frequently overthrowing wide open receivers one pundit speculated that Brady was probably having trouble with the altitude. At the end of the game another moaned that all the bounces had gone Denver's way. This is true to a point. Brady's two interceptions ... the Broncos came up with both of them.

Live update: 2nd Quarter of Steelers at Colts
Indy came out rusty as I expected. Manning is off, but the lines are really killing them. Pittsburgh marched straight down the field like the Colts weren't even in the stadium on their first two drives, and the offensive line has been equally sieve-like which is keeping Manning from being able to get his feet set. When Edgerrin James tries to run the Steeler "D" is beating him to the corners. So far three 3-and-out's. You've got to hand it to Pittsburgh - they've got a great game plan. They are pouncing on every opening they get. Indy won't be down forever so the Steelers are getting as far out in front as they can.

Wow, Pittsburgh punted and pinned the Colts back at their own 1, but now Indy is moving and using all of their weapons in the process. Key play: On 3rd down, Polamalu moved up to blitz at the last moment but Manning and Fletcher picked up the 1st down with a quick pass in Polamalu's wake. This could be the turning point.


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