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Well, with the rest of the bowl games and now the NFL playoffs, this thing hasn't been dominating the news, to which I say, "Thank Gawwwd!" Can the Marcus Vick story get any uglier?

While the fans waited to see what would be Vick's punishment for stepping on an opponent during a break in play during the Gator Bowl even more information surfaced. Vick had been stopped for speeding and driving on a suspended license in mid-December. Seeing as this was Vick's "last chance" at Va Tech, one wonders why he was playing in the Gator Bowl ... well, no, that's not entirely accurate. One looks at the Va Tech program and knows exactly why Vick was playing in the Gator Bowl.

Beamer explained that he didn't know about the speeding ticket, only the suspended license prior to the Bowl. I'm not sure how he thought the driving with a suspended license came to light ... maybe one of those suspended license radar traps that Virginia's finest are always running.

Anyway, apparently after pot, giving alcohol to minors, partying with underage women, flipping off West Virginia, stepping on a player, and the suspended license, 13 over was too much! Vick was kicked off the team.

With options running out, he declared for the NFL draft. At this point Vick apparently figured that he wasn't bringing quite enough baggage with him to the NFL. So he went to a McDonald's and pointed a gun at some folks.

Now, I think the NFL is a dicey proposition for Texas QB Vince Young, who couldn't ask for a better send off from the NCAA. Where has the half QB/half HB QB gotten any team in the NFL? Ever? Michael Vick is making a big splash in Atlanta, but at the end of the day they're at home watching the playoffs on TV. But, while the debate on this continues, plenty of teams are still willing to give it a shot in order to put the ball in their best athlete's hands on every play.

But, Marcus Vick hasn't made his case on the field, whatever style you may want him to play. Sure, he rolled up some impressive highlights and big numbers on the average slow, weak defenses that inhabit the NCAA. Against Miami however, with a defense that begins to approach what he can expect in the NFL (approaches, but doesn't nearly arrive), it was a Marcus Vick turnover-fest and bad decision bonanza.

After all that, add in that the younger Vick is out of control off the field. It's like Clarett all over again. You can look at some things and not approve, but remember how it is to be in college where you feel insulated, invincible and care-free. But now he's on the clock. Now everything counts. Everyone who will have a hand in deciding whether Vick gets the shot he's seeking is watching and asking, "Is he salvageable?" And, in a pointless display of stupidity, Vick's opening response to that question, "Maybe not."


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