Cashing in on the Gambling Craze

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It's Tuesday and almost time for King of Vegas, but what's this? Yet another network milking Vegas! Yes, CourtTV will file their first installment of Las Vegas Law tonight, head to head with KOV.

Which led me to wonder how the few remaining holdouts will enter the fray ...

CSPAN argues, in a week-long expose, that gambling is a tax on the lower-middle class and how it's all George Bush's fault. If you miss it, tune in to Hannity and Colmes the following Monday on Fox to hear Alan Colmes parrot the whole report.

Over on Oxygen, Melissa Sue Gilbert (gotta be her or Tracey Gould) stars as The Queen of Hearts, a pathetic suburban housewife who discovers her white, male husband's dark secret during a weekend in Reno. She is lured against her will into a web of craps and roulette and discovers along the way that her white, male husband has three other wives stashed in gambling meccas around the US.

Not to be outdone, Oprah's theme next week will be "Men who gamble away their children's braces and diapers money and the women who love them." The audience seems to agree ... "Girlfriend you need to wake up and smell the felt!"

Meanwhile, MTV unveils Ozzy Osbourne's Blackjack Sabbath! Double down on fun as Ozz deals the cards and the laughs. Things get a bit slow when neither Osbourne nor guest contestant Bruce Valanche can figure exactly how the ace works. But sit back and enjoy the hijinx as Lars Ulrich splits his Queens AND doubles down, blowing Osbourne's mind!

Over at the Weather Channel they're having a heck of a time.


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