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OK, I'm restoring some resemblance of order here.

The new features are sweet although a lot of the value is in the process, not the presentation. Tagging via del.icio.us is turning out to be pretty sweet. Oh to have been doing that all along. Now I must decide whether or not to go back and tag previous entries, and if so, how far back?
Also, behind the scenes, I've been using Mozilla Firefox (which is much smoother than it was in early revs), GreaseMonkey and a couple of add-ins which make the tagging process easy as pie. Nice.

So, that adds category functionalilty.

As for extended entries, the battle rages on. But it is a feature I really want. It's nice to be able to offer up several quick snippets on the front page while still being able to log the occasional longer post.

The new template is easy to work with, although it is still a departure from the more standard Blogger setups. It's actually a WordPress 1.5 template adapted for Blogger. And WordPress is das poopage.


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