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VH1 does some great stuff ... and then there's this: The Flavor of Love

I've only seen the previews and a snippet on The Soup, yet I still instinctively yearn for penicillin.

Love is molded from the Bachelor template and revolves around rapster wannabe, movie star wannabe Flavor Flav. This is the same guy who hooked up with Bridgette Neilsen on the Surreal Life, another VH1 joint. That alone is enough to make you not want to share an iPod with the guy. This was not your father's Bridgette Neilson, after all. Over the years the delicious and steamy bad girl from Beverly Hills Cop II has mutated into a hybrid of Dolf Longren and Anna Nichole Smith.

Throw in the "murderers row" of skanks vying to be Mrs. Flav and you've got germ warfare on your hands.

The "winner?" No doubt she and Flav will get together (and if its true to Bachelor form he'll try out a few losers along the way) and share every disease that they and their previous two months worth of partners (estimate: 15) are carrying around.

God only knows what will be unleashed upon mankind that day. Wear your gas mask!


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