I Hate Remakes

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I saw the preview of Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau in the forthcoming remake of The Pink Panther, and it hit me ... I hate remakes!

In general, the ongoing deluge of remakes underscores either a lack of creativity or an unwillingness on Hollywood's part to make a creative effort. And then, as in the case of The Pink Panther, they just don't know when to leave well enough alone.

I'm not saying that all remakes are bad, or that I haven't enjoyed some of them. But remaking has been so overdone that I wouldn't be surprised to find at least two versions of any movie or TV show I've ever seen within the next five years.

To sort it out, here are my three classes of remake:
1. Whatever.(example: The Dukes of Hazzard)
The original was nothing special, but I'll admit that there is obvious potential in a remake, so knock yourself out. For Dukes the obvious potential was a toned up Jessica Simpson in her, ummm, "Daisy Dukes."

2. Again!? (example: Josie and the Pussycats)
Whoever the culprit is, should be embarassed to have made the original. And now you're returning to the scene of the crime!?

3. Sacred Ground (example: The Pink Panther)
It's like using white-out on the Declaration of Independence to edit in "Life, liberty and the pursuit of fun!" Some things you just don't mess with. The Peter Sellers series of Panther movies combined ahead of their time humor and engrossing characters to form impossible to duplicate masterpieces.

I will concede one minor point - Steve Martin was a great choice for Clouseau. He can do that style well. But they still shouldn't be going there.


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