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When I was a kid I didn't appreciate Don Knotts. I had seen a couple of his movies. They were OK, but nothing special.

But in college, Andy Griffith reruns were on after class. That was when we really started to appreciate Barney Fife and the comic genius of Don Knotts.

In a day when the average comedian was becoming increasingly vulgar opting for nervous laughter over no laughter, Knotts was all entertainment. He knew how to work his scrawny body, bug eyes and high-strung voice to full effect. He was one of those rare characters that can sometimes make you laugh just by showing up on the screen.

Like Jordan with the Wizards, I really wish Knotts hadn't played Mr Furley on Three's Company. Sure, he was his usually funny self, but I'd hate to think that someone was forgetting Fife and remembering that role.

As for me, I'll never forget Barney Fife.


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