Super Bowl and Super Bowl Commercials ... in progress

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Through the first quarter:

Hard to tell how much of this is due to nerves. Seattle has the game plan for Roethlesberger and the Steelers - their pressure is good and they've kept them from jumping out to a comfortable lead, which has been the cornerstone of Pittsburgh's post-season success. Seattle is dropping extra men into coverage which will produce results before the night is over. The up front pressure on Roethlesberger is modest, but they're all over the Steeler receivers and already Big Ben has tried to force a couple of ill-advised passes into coverage.

On the other side Seattle isn't doing much better. Their opening drive gave them a field position advantage which they held for most of the quarter. Offensive line penalties erased a couple of big plays including a TD pass. Seattle does seem to have a line on some soft spots in the Steeler "D". Darrell Jackson tied the record for receptions in a quarter, partially by taking advantage of the big cushion Pittsburgh's left flank is giving him.

At the start, a slight edge to Seattle - take back one or two penalties and Pittsburgh would be in a big hole. As it is Seattle milked a field goal out of their field position advantage. Seahawks 3-0.


Burger King is off to a big lead in the wasteful extravagence category. Here's hoping that the King with the freaky looking face goes away after the Super Bowl.

In the beverage battles, Pepsi is continuing their "treat an inanimate Diet Pepsi object like an action star" theme which was tired at its inception. A lot of cameos; P Diddy, Jay Mohr, and Jackie Chan can't save this lame concept.

Bud Light is kicking butt entertainment-wise.

American Mortgage over-reached with a cheezy gag. Mother and daughter going to see their husband/father in the hospital. Meanwhile in the hospital room the docs have the defibulator out and use it to rid the room of a pesky fly. Just as mom and daughter walk in one doc who is standing over the dad with defibulator paddles in hand says: "Well, that killed him." Horrified look on mother and daughter's faces ... cut. It's a lot of things. Funny and entertaining aren't among them.


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