Third Quarter

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Wow ... a big momentum shift.

Pittsburgh got a big run play out of the gate for their second TD. Just as they were on the brink of what would have been the final nail in Seattle's coffin Roethlesberger completed an interception (it looked that intentional).

Seattle continues to outplay the Steelers and with only 20 yards to go after the pick the Seahawks were finally able to punch it in. Still, penalties and miscues are haunting Seattle. They've drawn close but their own gaffs are holding them back where it counts - on the scoreboard.


Not much noteworthy.

ABC is plugging Sons and Daughters, a new series by Lorne Michaels which looks like it has possibilities.

Ameriquest Mortgage (that's a correction on what I previously posted) has another cheezy one. Turbulence on an airplane, the lights go out and when they come back up we find that a woman has landed on a man's lap in an apparent compromising position. Oh boy ... funny stuff. I think a thumb rule for commercials should be: Even if it is the Super Bowl, mortgage companies shouldn't try to be funny.


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