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The Seahawks have exhausted their timeouts and are down by 11. So it's time for a desperation drive with hopes that they'll be able to score and convert an onside kickoff.

Amazingly, even in a time crunch Hasselback is completing some clutch passes ... all of them in bounds. Clock management and miscues have robbed the Steelers of their opportunities.

Game over: Pittsburgh 21 Seattle 10.

What a weird game. Regardless of who wins, it is always more satisfying when a team rises up, makes a strong effort and earns a win. This one went to the team that sucked the least.

I'm glad to see Bill Cowher pick up a ring. And it's a tribute to the Pittsburgh organization that he is still their coach. They stuck with him through some lean years.

Hines Ward takes the MVP ... fair choice.

There we go .... it's been about fifteen minutes since we've seen Jerome Bettis or heard his name ... finally they got him up on the podium. What would this Super Bowl have been without Bettis? Ummm ... less nauseating.

At last some substance: Bettis announces that this is his last game. Respectable. Going out on top. Not overstaying his welcome. I've got nothing against the guy. It's not his fault the media went overboard on him.

Here's the challenge for Pittsburgh. This was a semi-solid win, and it completes and amazing run of must-win games that started back in the regular season. When scouting next season however, the Steelers have to start out in the "maybe they'll make the playoffs," category. At a minimum Indy, Denver, and New England (with Bettis gone, we'll have to go back to slobbering all over them) should start out favored over the Steelers, and then there is divisional rival Cincinnati on the rise.


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