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Wow. After 2 rounds my brackets are almost completely demolished. Three of my Final Four are gone including my champion and runner up. What a brutal, but exciting, year for March Madness.

Weak 1's: I still hold that the 1's are weak, but that may not matter as all four are still alive and for some, the seas are parting before them.

U Conn barely made it past Kentucky, but now the only teams standing between them and the Final Four are Washington and Wichita State or George Mason. Yeah, I know, don't sell them short, those teams are pretty good, yada, yada, yada. Weekend 2 is when the Cinderellas come crashing back to earth.

Next weekend will show whether Duke is a worthy #1 with two tests; LSU and then Texas or West Virginia (both are playing well).

Villanova is on the most treacherous road for a 1-seed. Arizona a #8? I don't care what they did during the season, the Wildcats are a tournament team and Lute Olson is a tournament coach. Getting by them was a big achievement for Villanova. Next up ... Boston College and then Florida or Georgetown. All three are strong and clicking as we head to the regionals.

Memphis has quietly (as usual) been the strongest 1-seed so far. Bradley shouldn't be much of a threat, but look out for UCLA who should make easy work of the over-rated Zags.

How bad do you want it? When it comes to the bracket-busting surprises the shame of it is that North Carolina, Illinois, Kansas, Syracuse, etc. didn't lose to better teams. They simply didn't come to play.

Old Age and Treachery: Interesting observation by Dick Vitale (I know, I was as shocked as anyone, but I guess when you talk as much as he does you're bound to stumble upon something now and again) on Saturday: With early defection to the NBA becoming so commonplace, we'll be seeing a lot more matchups between experienced upperclassmen-led mid-majors and younger and more athletic power teams. Things have been trending this way for a while now, and while it may prove to be an equalizer that generates some early-round surprises, the big dogs still seem to dominate the Final Four.

March Madness on Demand: Sunday afternoon we had the Kentucky game so I decided to try out CBS' online March Madness on demand to watch North Carolina. Pity the folks who are paying for this "service." It wasn't bad. I did get to see part of the game. Some of the problems ...

As is common with streaming media, the loading/buffering process can take some time and often misfires for high-demand events. Also, even with a healthy buffer, the playback is susceptible to interruptions. Unfortunately this peaked with about 5 minutes left in the game when the teams started trading the lead (in other words when everyone wanted to see it). I was suddenly booted and could never get it loaded back up.

Also, if you're going to use this, don't keep your TV on CBS in the background. The two use different delays, and when other games get exciting CBS will quickly switch over to them. So all of a sudden you have no idea what is going on in the game you are watching because you have no idea what game you are watching and it all just totally messes with your head.



... but Blogger is SUBAR again.

Admittedly things are better than they used to be, but it seems like it returns to form at the worst times ... such as when you're trying to just fire off a quick post.

So, I head out to the Blogger status blog, and it is down which is helpful.

So, TSW2 may be moving soon. Stay tuned ...


After what had to be days of excruciating analysis and soul-searching, John Salley finally unveiled his Final Four picks on BDSS: Duke, U Conn, Villanova, and Memphis. Those who have been scrutinizing their own brackets will quickly recognize that these are the four #1 seeds.

In other words, this is Salley's usual lack of creativity when it comes to situations that require imagination and critical thinking. What I'm trying to figure out however, is whether or not Salley went out on a limb here.

In theory these are the best teams in each region. But history demonstrates that #1's don't roll to the Final Four in bunches. As I've already speculated, this year's crop of top seeds is especially soft including overall #1, Duke.

So at the end of the day, though he probably didn't intend it, John Salley has probably gambled as much as anyone with his Final Four picks.



Now that the Monmouth-Hampton game is in the books I can proceed with my picks.

First, I reiterate that this thing is wide open. I'm not ultra-confident in my ability to figure who will get to them, but this year's top seeds can be gotten to. I'll be surprised to see more than one #1 show up in Indianapolis.

Part of this is because the high seeds aren't as strong as usual, and part of it has to do with some questionable seeding. Tennessee comes to mind.

Atlanta Region:
Duke may have won the ACC Tournament, but they are vulnerable. Carolina exposed Duke's over-reliance on Redick and a one or two other stars.

I'm picking Syracuse to advance out of this region. McNamara has already become the guy the ESPN'ers love to slobber all over. Whatever. Syracuse is rolling and Boeheim is one of those coaches who will wring the most out of his players in the tournament.

Upsets: NC State over Cal in an "upset" that won't be an upset. NC State over Texas will be a genuine surprise. Syracuse over LSU and Duke. West Virginia over Iowa en route to the regional final.

Oakland Region:
IMHO this is the toughest region to pick. I'm pretty confident Memphis is over-rated, but this region is stocked full of teams that could run over the field or fall in their first game.

I'm picking Kansas to make it through to the Final Four. Gonzaga is also over-rated, but they are a team ESPN loves to love. I hope my pick of Xavier with the big opening round upset proves true cuz I sure don't want to listen to Vitale if the Zags do anything exciting.

Other Upsets: Kansas over Memphis. Marquette over UCLA and Indiana en route to the regional final.

Washington, DC Region:
U Conn seems to have emerged as the consensus strongest team in the field. I do have them rolling to the regional final. But that's where a Tar Heel team on the rise will topple the Huskies and return to the Final Four. I would not be surprised however, to see a rematch of last year's Championship game (UNC vs. Illinois) in this regional final.

As already mentioned, Tennessee is over-seeded. They won't see the second weekend.

Upsets: UAB over Kentucky if you want to call in an upset. Seton Hall over Wichita St and Tennessee.

Minneapolis Region:
For my money, the strongest region. If Villanova can get past Monmouth, which is rolling after last night's big win over Hampton, they'll still have Wisconsin or Arizona, Boston College, Ohio State, and Florida among others waiting in their path. They won't have to beat all of these teams but they'd better be ready for three difficult games just to get to Indianapolis.

I don't think they can do it, so I'm going with Boston College.

Upsets: Wisconsin over Arizona - mild upset at best. Montana over Nevada. Honestly, I don't know either team, but every year a 12 does it to a 5. UW-Milwaukee over Oklahoma. Georgetown over Ohio State and Florida en route to the regional final. Boston College over Villanova.

Final Four:
Syracuse over Kansas.
North Carolina over Boston College.

North Carolina over Syracuse to defend their crown, or actually Sean May and a bunch of other NBA guys' crown.



Coming back from the first commercial break, we always geta few words of insight from the Donald, usually on a topic that will turn out to be key to the episode's outcome. This week he talked about flexibility and the necessity for having a "Plan B."

Over at Gold Rush however, PM Theresa would have done well to have at least a "Plan A" at some point. Any point. Embarking on the mission. During the Chevy Tahoe event. Even in the boardroom. Had she had and stuck to a strategy at any of these points, she might still be a candidate.

The teams were tasked with educating and motivating Chevy Dealers on the new Tahoe. Both teams put on a Corporate retreat. After Sean noted that the new Tahoe is as rugged as ever but with new "refined features" Synergy went with the theme: Nature-Refined. They had rock-climbing, golf cart races and a number of other outdoor-ish activities, meanwhile touting the Tahoe.

Theresa's big theme: some kind of elegant, classy mish-mash. She locked in on carriage rides, a fancy meal, open bar, and golf. At one point Bill Rancick hoped that the Chevy dealers were big drinkers since Gold Rush's theme seemed to rely on "getting them liquored up and dazzling them with models." What went wrong? The "golf" was lame because instead of a lush green the team's area was a weedy expanse of dirt. There wasn't near enough time to educate the spokes-models on the Tahoe enough to answer dealer questions. Charmane hired a comedienne who went vulgar and offended the audience. And then there were the usual interpersonal tiffs. When confronted about his failure to find a generator Lenny replied, "It's not my problem."

As a result, Lenny was Theresa's early target. Once in the boardroom however, Theresa attempted to throw every teammate but Bryce under the bus. Whenever Trump's team exhausted one player's failure Theresa would introduce another. It looked as if her blitzkrieg style might work as much of the conversation focused on Tarek and Lenny. Not one to buck the momentum Theresa brought those two back to the boardroom. It turns out Trump & Co would have preferred to have Charmane in their grasp.

In the end, Theresa committed a couple of Apprentice Cardinal Sins. Lenny has been Gold Rush's most difficult member by far. As a result, Theresa's most vigorous attacks were reserved for him. But, in the boardroom "cause of this specific failure" beats "generally annoying" almost always, and this has been tested numerous times. Perhaps it is because going after Lenny wasn't a good strategy, but Theresa erred in not sticking to a boardroom strategy. Instead, by throwing out a number of possible culprits and screwups, she underscored the fact that the team didn't perform well across the board which brings attention back to the PM. Theresa was fired.

Lest we forget, there was Tarek sitting across the table from Trump who two tasks earlier had declared him "totally over-rated." Upon leaving the boardroom Tarek offered a lame, "I'll step it up." The Donald was not impressed.

While Lenny established himself as the least-liked member of Team Gold Rush, he earned praise from Bill Rancick who was sitting in for George. He may have been abrasive in the process, but Rancick called him a "bulldog." In the final boardroom, when Trump was trying to decide between firing Theresa or Tarek he asked Lenny what he should do. Lenny: "Fire them both." Just in case his team might have been tempted to bury the hatchet when he returns.

And let's not forget Brent. Synergy is still asking little of him and Brent is still happy to oblige by doing little. However, this week's most pathetic moment came when Brent returned to the suite after Pepi and Stacy were fired. Upon seeing Brent, Andrea locked herself in the bathroom for a good cry. Over-dramatic much? The "next week" teaser promised that we'll see Brent step way, way, way over the line!


Ahhhh Arizona. Apparently this is where the horses go to quietly spend their senior years, frolicking in relative anonymity.

By the way, an ESPN'er had the nerve to ask an expert why Edgerrin James was moving on. Granted, some guys will make a move to land on a team that can compete and reach the playoffs. James already had that in Indianapolis.

And it's not like blue chip running backs sit around dreaming of the opportunity to play for the Arizona Cardinals and their weak O Line.

This was a money grab, and a good one. Not only did James break the bank, his deal is heavily front-loaded.


FOXNews.com - Foxlife: Entertainment and Lifestyle News - Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'

Why is Hayes quitting?
"There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins..."
In fact, since 1997 there has been a place in Hayes' world for satirical attacks on the religions of others, as well as on political points of view, sexual orientations, disabilities, all in addition to general vulgarity and obscenity.

Then, a few months ago South Park turned it's wit on the Church of Scientology, of which Hayes is a member, and the voice of Chef had an epiphany.

Matt Stone said it best:
"This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology... He has no problem — and he's cashed plenty of checks — with our show making fun of Christians."

Ahem. Chef? Before you head out on the high road, what was that you were singing about your Chocolate Salty Balls?



This is going to be a great NCAA Tournament - the field is wide open.

Overall top seed Duke came into the ACC tournament struggling. In advancing to ACC finals they've reinforced their #1 standing, but Carolina demonstrated that the Blue Devils are beatable.

The other team vying for #1, U Conn, exited the Big East tourney early and has also been shown to be vulnerable.

There just isn't a potential #1 seed that seems to be an iron-clad lock to reach the Final Four. Think Syracuse. Think Boston College. Think about a host of pesky mid-majors. More dangerous teams than ever will fill the brackets later today.

According to Mike and Mike a number of mid-majors will crash the party at the expense of major conference marginal teams. On the other hand, South Carolina is one game away from stealing a tourney berth from one of the hopefuls.

This must be a record: On the Duke-BC broadcast, we were less than a minute and a half into the game when Dick Vitale made his first "Robert Montgomery Knight" reference.

And yesterday Digger Phelps made his bid to become the Lee Corso of College Hoops with his assanine "I'd rather be a #2 than a #1 seed," speech. The point he was trying to make was that this year's 1-seeds are weaker than normal, which I agree with. He just chose a really dumb, nonsensical Corso-esque way to express that point.



Just got done watching the Tar Heels dispatch Virginia en route to the ACC tournament semi-finals. I'm always up for a powder-blue win, but this one was more of a struggle than it should have been. Had the Cavaliers been hitting from outside Carolina's weekend might well have ended early.

Another key to the Cavs effort: they didn't give Carolina's freshman star, Tyler Hansbrough, room to breathe. Hansbrough's modest 17-pt outing was a far cry from last Sunday's explosion that powered the Heels over arch-rival Duke.

There is no doubt that Hansbrough has serious game. He's a force in the paint, a monster on the glass, and for a big man his outside shot is obscene. Tonight Virginia demonstrated that even Hansbrough can't beat a triple-team. With every opponent in the vicinity rushing Hansbrough every time he touches the ball, Tar Heel success depends on two things: 1. Other Heels stepping up, and 2. Hansbrough learning how to distribute the ball.

The good ones have Hansbrough's skills. The great ones know how to beat you, regardless of your defensive strategy.

Shifting gears, it's time for another stupid announcer moment. Watch any Carolina game and you can't miss hearing how Hansbrough is the first freshman to lead Carolina in scoring and rebounds for the season. OK. But then you'll get the added observation, "That's really something when you think of all the great players that have come through this program!"

There have been some great Heels through the years, no doubt. Eventually the NBA Hall of Fame will be littered with Carolina alums. But most of the greatest (so far), came through during the era of Dean Smith, who was notorious for keeping his freshmen on ice. How can you call yourself a college basketball announcer and know so little about the University of North Carolina?


Check out this series of headlines from The Ohio State Lantern and see if you can detect the literary device that is being used ad nauseum:

"Mountain movie"
"'Girl's Gotta': gals grabbing, grubbing"
"Move over Mozart: Student study songs"
"Break into the Biz: easily enter essay and enjoy"
"Lacrosse lads lament loss, look to Lions"
"System stinks, some students say"
"COTA colludes to convert Columbus commuters"
"Stressed students should seek support"
"Machine molds melted metal model"

Mind you I didn't have to cull the archives. These all published this morning. To read some of these pieces you'd guess, perhaps correctly, that more time was spent trying to squeeze out an alliterative headline than in actually writing the article.

I get that alliteration can add punch to a headline when used carefully. But these examples ... it's like their prof told them last week that alliteration should be used in headlines and now, green college students that they are, they can't imagine doing it any other way.

That's ok though. When I was a Christian Ministries major we had a minister who'd actually experienced an exorcism come and speak to us. For the next week a group of my fellow CM majors were running around campus spotting demons and trying to cast them out.

I guess over-alliteration isn't so bad after all.


Fanblogs.com is running a poll on College Football's most hated figure.

The timing kind of sucks. On the doorstep of March Madness, who is thinking about College Football? But I am a fan so I weighed in. Corso for Most Hated!

Apparently I'm not alone. My boy is running in 6th right now with 8% of the vote. Not suprisingly, the Old Ball Coach has a commanding lead. To a guy like Spurrier, that could be the supreme compliment.


Speaking of economics, Michelle Leder at footnoted.org has, in her hashing out of AutoZone's stock buyback a great case study on the difference between appearance and reality.

AutoZone is embarking on a stock buyback. Hurray! The company is bullish on its future, right? Well, the effects of the buyback are not good. AutoZone's debt ratio will jump from 5 to 30 percent. The increased debt led to the company's debt being reduced to "junk." So those who don't participate in the buyback will have their modest share price increase easily matched by interest expense. Somehow management finds this "more efficient."

Turns out a 29% AutoZone shareholder will give up his entire holding in the buyback. The difference between "buyback" and "insider sale"? The former sounds better, the latter sounds an alarm that can send investors running. Not much else in this case.

As always, good work Michelle.


John Edwards is blogging. So, he's found a new forum for all of the nothing that's in his head.

Today's post trumpets a typical simple-minded Democratic idea:
"You have the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of working Americans - please join us as we fight to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour."
Improving lives by causing them to lose their jobs? by reducing what their paycheck will buy?

You Dems. Just keep assuming folks will buy in to the immediate obvious results of your plan ("Oh boy! Free money courtesy of the government!") and not think about the longer-term effects ("What if my employer can't afford me?" "Is it realistic to assume my employer will just eat the increase instead of passing it along in the form of higher prices?")

Get back to your fund-raising Johnny. You've got a Hillary to beat.

Thanks to instapundit for the link.



I love this time of the year. And while the brackets haven't been cast yet, the surprises are flowing and desperate teams abound - the Madness has begun!

Let's dispense with the Homers first. After playing tough down their brutal home stretch the Cards didn't make it to the Big East tourney. The faithful will cling to Louisville's 5-pt final deficit in their loss to Pittsburgh. The game wasn't nearly that close. Now we'll have to wait and see which Louisville team will show up in the NIT.

Still in the Big East, Syracuse! After being left for dead at the end of the regular season the Orangemen are making some big noise in the Conference Tourney. After a narrow victory over Cincinnati last night, the 'Cuse took out top-ranked U Conn in overtime earlier today. The way they are playing right now, Syracuse might just snag the auto-bid and squelch the at-large debate.

Marquette - GTown is kind of weird. Marquette got the Big East first round bye but the Hoyas are ranked higher. Oh well. Georgetown moved on and they too have strong game right now.

Tomorrow things will heat up as the ACC and SEC send their top dogs into the fray.


MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is going to review the latest information to fuel the Barry Bonds steroid rumor mill.

OK, let's call it what it is: a new batch of heresay that is much more credible, and much more damning than what we had previously. But it is still not the irrefutable proof that some will require before we can stop throwing around the ridiculous word "alleged."

Personally, how much more obvious could it be? Perhaps if he stops and shoots up at second base it would convince the apologists.

But I digress. One wild rumor circulating on sports talk today had Selig mulling a Bonds suspension. Interesting. It's a fight I'd love to see. But before the commish could ever consider such a move he'd need to get permission from his boss, the MLBPA.


Pardon the intermittent comment and trackbacks. Something is up with Haloscan this morning.



Frequent MS Office users should check out this collection of registry hacks at TechRepublic. I have been looking for a tool that would allow me to add custom locations to the "look in" sidebar on the "open" and "save as" dialogs. It will also be nice to get rid of some of the minor auto-annoyances; clipboard toolbar, window resizing, etc., that MS builds in to their product.

Some will appreciate the ability to permanently disable those pesky office "helpers," Microsoft's version of Barney. Me? I'm ok with just shutting them off.

I've got to hand it to TechRepublic. Besides being my former employer back in the heady dot-com days, they are a great tech resource even for the non-geek. One note: a free membership is required for a portion of their content including the registry hacks download. At a cost of NOTHING, it's worth it.


Take a good look. If the cap goes away, if revenue sharing goes away, here are the Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees of the NFL. Sure there are other deep pockets in the NFL, but Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones have the unique combination of a willingness to spend freely and franchises that can be milked to fuel their excesses.

The thing that baffles me is how 32 wealthy businessmen can collectively be so blind. Why is the NFL so wildly successful while MLB struggles? The salary cap and revenue-sharing.

You want to be like baseball? Go ahead. Take off the reins. Let the Jones' and Snyders' buy up all of the blue chip free agents. Shut down teams like Green Bay and Kansas City who are cornerstones of the league's rich history. Boil the Super Bowl down to an annual 8-team race, only occasionally interrupted by an upstart owner who decides to buy a championship.

Owners, if you can't figure it out this time, don't worry. You'll never have to worry about how to divide up this much revenue ever again.



Big surprise this week as Bill Rancick and Ivanka Trump stood in for George and Carolyn. The original, and IMHO best Apprentice winner so far, Bill is always a fan favorite. It was interesting to see Ivanka. She's attractive (in an absolutely flawless sort of way), blonde, smart and has a finance degree. Did Trump figure out how to buy himself a daughter?

This week our little hopefuls were sent scurrying to raise text hits in a promo for Gillette's Fusion 5-bladed razor. Aside: Man, I'm still using a Mach 3, but it is Turbo, so I've got that going for me.

Behind the scenes, personality games continued. The rift from last week's boardroom? Lee stepped up to be the Gold Rush PM and Lenny was the bulldog behind his team's success, while Tarek wisely fell in line. He did secretly speculate that PM'ing this one would be too much for Lee, and despite the victory I think I agree with him.

Meanwhile Tropical Storm Brent reached Hurricane strength as Synergy spent the better part of their first day trying to deal with the unruly bull in their china shop. Brent confronted Stacy about repeatedly interrupting him which Stacy managed to inflate into anything from "no big deal" to aggravated assault depending on the moment. The funniest thing was watching Synergy PM Pepi, after being put up to it by the team, try to fire Brent.

That was the Synergy story for this task. The team was out of control and Pepi was always a step behind. On money day, the sun rose to find Synergy nestled all snug in their beds with Gold Rush having quietly exited the loft. Trump would later point out that Gold Rush logged over 100 text hits before Synergy even woke up.

Having lost a lot of time, Michael suggests that Synergy hit Times Square in their bath robes to attract interest. It got worse. Much, much worse. Things were going pretty slow for Synergy, so Brent decided that dancing, and "robotics" (his term) my draw some interest. Have I mentioned that Brent is rather, ummm, chunky. And not in a cute, Danny DeVito sort of way. No, this is a dress up or wear loose-fitting clothes chunky. Sloshing around in a white bathrobe and t-shirt is more info than we need.

Funny thing is, Brent came away seeing himself as the star on this one. It reminds me of Sammy trying to sell a glass of lemonade for $1,000 in season one. He came away proud that he had demonstrated the lengths to which he'd go to win, and be the Apprentice. Everyone else came away thinking, "Man, not only did you fail, you made an a** of yourself in the process!"

Lenny correctly understood that this was no time for creativity. Gold Rush needed feet on the street. The team members circulated and get the word out. All across Times Square passersby were inspired to text "closer" to the magic number.

Results: Gold Rush wins 683 - 458 hits.

Predictably, Synergy lines up against Brent. Or do they? Suddenly Stacy is waffling on the nature of Brent's "attack." No matter, Pepi has little choice. If he can't put Brent in the crosshairs, then he, the PM, is in danger.

Trump and Bill didn't give the "Brent de-railed us" defense much traction. They find it hard to believe that defense attorney Stacy could be so frightened by a simple buffoon.

Under fire in the boardroom: Brent because Trump's team is also not buying his claim that he was a star on the task. Michael for coming up with the bathrobe idea which, as Ivanka correctly pointed out, was beneath a quality brand like Gillette. Stacy for choosing horrible locations. Pepi for PM'ing this mess! In an effort to increase his chances of survival, Pepi brought the other three back into the boardroom.

As the group stepped out to let Trump confer with his team, the Donald informed them that due to the magnitude of their loss, he'd be firing two people. Nice! That gave them something to chew on in the waiting room!

Bill felt Stacy should be fired for not taking responsibilty for her role. Ivanka didn't think Brent would last long, but thought Pepi owned the failure because he did nothing to check any of the elements that were "spinning out of control."

Trump fired Stacy, put Michael on notice, told Brent that he probably won't last long at all, and fired Pepi.

The last thing Pepi and Stacy saw before boarding their elevator to the street ... the "back to the loft" elevator doors closing on a smiling Brent.



Heels win! But not without some anxious moments down the stretch.

Two quick three-pointer put Duke right back in the thick of things. For a few minutes the teams traded baskets and empty possessions.

In the final minute the Heels hit their free throws and took care of the ball to seal the deal!

Man! Any time the Heels can go into Cameron and beat those brats on their own turf ... it's a good year!


Carolina maxed their lead at 11. But instead of taking advantage of opportunities to further expand that lead they're using turnovers and fould to allow Duke to hang around and close the lead with the clock stopped.

Mark this day on your calendar. Duke Vitale admitted that this Duke team "road the coattails" of 2 superstars (Reddick and Shelden Williams). That's a mildly negative comment on Vitale's favorite team, nay, on his very lifeblood.


After a seesaw battle, Carolina has opened up an 8-pt lead. As fast as things are moving, nothing is safe. The secret: a few possessions in a row where they played defense, took care of the ball on offense, and got good shots.

The team that can do that the most down the stretch will take this game.

Hang on ... Duke Vitale is in JJ Reddick apologist mode - Reddick is cold tonight.


This is the big one bayyyybeeee! Carolina at Duke to wrap up the regular season. Duke Vitale is so amped he's talking, er, screaming in sentence fragments.

The start was frenzied. The younger Heels had trouble hanging onto the ball but kept themselves in it with high octane defense.

Carolina has briefly taken the lead a couple of times but for the most part Duke is keeping 4-6 pts ahead of the Heels.

The pace of this game is incredible. As the Heels settle down they are managing some high percentage transition baskets.

Shelden Williams picking up two early fouls could be a factor.

I'm salivating imagining what this Carolina team will be like with a year of experience under their belts and a strong recruiting class coming in. Long live Roy Williams!

Think ESPN is the ACC and Duke ministry of information? They've got the game on ESPN. ESPN2 is showing the game "Above the Rim" which seems to mean from very annoying angles. Then ESPNU has it with enhanced statistics. I think Disney is going to pick it up later by showing the entire game from the new JJ Reddick's Butt-cam.

For the record, with about 7 minutes left in the first half we had our first "General Robert Montgomery Knight" reference from Vitale.



Google CFO comments send stock lower.

Google's meteoric rise could not last forever. As sexy as this company is, and as white hot as its growth has been, it won't conquer gravity.

CFO George Reyes' recent comments signal that reality is setting in.
"Clearly, our growth rates are slowing and you see that each and every quarter ... We're going to have to find other ways to monetize the business."
Google is now milking advertising for about as much as that stream can give. Problem is, the search giant has been, almost literally, a one-trick pony since its inception. Of their $4.2B in revenue for the first three quarters of this year, only $51M came from sources other than advertising. So, it's a challenge.

Unfortunately, there are investors involved. When shares that are earning $5.00 trade in the mid $300's, folks are bound to be edgy. When you buy at 70 times earnings something has you banking on the massive growth continuing. Can't blame Google for this. Prior to Reyes' remarks the company had been notoriously tight-lipped regarding financial projections.

Save for having to answer for inflated expectations, Google is primed to tackle this challenge. Their balance sheet is all-beef: No debt; very little intangible funky stuff; lots and lots of cash. And anyone who has ever used this thing called the internet knows that Google is everywhere. Name an application and they have an answer. Now they just need to figure out how to turn those answers into dollars.


FOXNews.com - Foxlife: Entertainment and Lifestyle News - Stapp: Sex Tape Was Meant for Sabotage

Oh, which direction to go. Bristle at the self-importance. Lament the immorality. Laugh at the stupidity. Yeah, laugh.

After a tape showing former Creed Lead, Scott Stapp and Kid Rock with strippers was partially released, Stapp had this to say:
"Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career,"
Awwwww. Poor guy. I think he should track down the numbskull who made that tape and shoot him ... of course that would be suicide. On the bright side, this can sometimes salvage a career that has sunk so low it depends on cheap manufactured controversies for pub.


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