Abundance of Alliteration is Absolutely Annoying and Amateurish

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Check out this series of headlines from The Ohio State Lantern and see if you can detect the literary device that is being used ad nauseum:

"Mountain movie"
"'Girl's Gotta': gals grabbing, grubbing"
"Move over Mozart: Student study songs"
"Break into the Biz: easily enter essay and enjoy"
"Lacrosse lads lament loss, look to Lions"
"System stinks, some students say"
"COTA colludes to convert Columbus commuters"
"Stressed students should seek support"
"Machine molds melted metal model"

Mind you I didn't have to cull the archives. These all published this morning. To read some of these pieces you'd guess, perhaps correctly, that more time was spent trying to squeeze out an alliterative headline than in actually writing the article.

I get that alliteration can add punch to a headline when used carefully. But these examples ... it's like their prof told them last week that alliteration should be used in headlines and now, green college students that they are, they can't imagine doing it any other way.

That's ok though. When I was a Christian Ministries major we had a minister who'd actually experienced an exorcism come and speak to us. For the next week a group of my fellow CM majors were running around campus spotting demons and trying to cast them out.

I guess over-alliteration isn't so bad after all.


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