The Ghost of NFL Future?

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Take a good look. If the cap goes away, if revenue sharing goes away, here are the Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees of the NFL. Sure there are other deep pockets in the NFL, but Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones have the unique combination of a willingness to spend freely and franchises that can be milked to fuel their excesses.

The thing that baffles me is how 32 wealthy businessmen can collectively be so blind. Why is the NFL so wildly successful while MLB struggles? The salary cap and revenue-sharing.

You want to be like baseball? Go ahead. Take off the reins. Let the Jones' and Snyders' buy up all of the blue chip free agents. Shut down teams like Green Bay and Kansas City who are cornerstones of the league's rich history. Boil the Super Bowl down to an annual 8-team race, only occasionally interrupted by an upstart owner who decides to buy a championship.

Owners, if you can't figure it out this time, don't worry. You'll never have to worry about how to divide up this much revenue ever again.


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