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Frequent MS Office users should check out this collection of registry hacks at TechRepublic. I have been looking for a tool that would allow me to add custom locations to the "look in" sidebar on the "open" and "save as" dialogs. It will also be nice to get rid of some of the minor auto-annoyances; clipboard toolbar, window resizing, etc., that MS builds in to their product.

Some will appreciate the ability to permanently disable those pesky office "helpers," Microsoft's version of Barney. Me? I'm ok with just shutting them off.

I've got to hand it to TechRepublic. Besides being my former employer back in the heady dot-com days, they are a great tech resource even for the non-geek. One note: a free membership is required for a portion of their content including the registry hacks download. At a cost of NOTHING, it's worth it.


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