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John Edwards is blogging. So, he's found a new forum for all of the nothing that's in his head.

Today's post trumpets a typical simple-minded Democratic idea:
"You have the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of working Americans - please join us as we fight to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour."
Improving lives by causing them to lose their jobs? by reducing what their paycheck will buy?

You Dems. Just keep assuming folks will buy in to the immediate obvious results of your plan ("Oh boy! Free money courtesy of the government!") and not think about the longer-term effects ("What if my employer can't afford me?" "Is it realistic to assume my employer will just eat the increase instead of passing it along in the form of higher prices?")

Get back to your fund-raising Johnny. You've got a Hillary to beat.

Thanks to instapundit for the link.


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