Salley Out on a Limb

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After what had to be days of excruciating analysis and soul-searching, John Salley finally unveiled his Final Four picks on BDSS: Duke, U Conn, Villanova, and Memphis. Those who have been scrutinizing their own brackets will quickly recognize that these are the four #1 seeds.

In other words, this is Salley's usual lack of creativity when it comes to situations that require imagination and critical thinking. What I'm trying to figure out however, is whether or not Salley went out on a limb here.

In theory these are the best teams in each region. But history demonstrates that #1's don't roll to the Final Four in bunches. As I've already speculated, this year's crop of top seeds is especially soft including overall #1, Duke.

So at the end of the day, though he probably didn't intend it, John Salley has probably gambled as much as anyone with his Final Four picks.


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