Stapp: Sex Tape Was Meant for Sabotage

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FOXNews.com - Foxlife: Entertainment and Lifestyle News - Stapp: Sex Tape Was Meant for Sabotage

Oh, which direction to go. Bristle at the self-importance. Lament the immorality. Laugh at the stupidity. Yeah, laugh.

After a tape showing former Creed Lead, Scott Stapp and Kid Rock with strippers was partially released, Stapp had this to say:
"Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career,"
Awwwww. Poor guy. I think he should track down the numbskull who made that tape and shoot him ... of course that would be suicide. On the bright side, this can sometimes salvage a career that has sunk so low it depends on cheap manufactured controversies for pub.


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